Finding a Formula that Works For YOU!

I think one of the biggest drawbacks to bringing more people into the scrapbooking/memory keeping world, is the current trend of extremely artistic pages.  Not only are some people (the left brained dominates) just completely unable to begin to come close to the masterpieces that the right brained dominates do, but even if people possess that kind of talent, many people just do not have time.  I am sure many people who would like to construct the elaborately beautiful pages, keep thinking they will do it when they have the time.  But what if that free time never comes?  Those stories and memories remain undocumented and un-preserved.  A scrapbook page can always be re-done, if you find in the future you have all the time in the world to play with the latest and greatest embellishments, then do it, but don’t let the story go undocumented until such a time rolls around.

I find it hard to keep coming up with a grand new plan or layout for each page.  Layout sketches can certainly help in that area, there are places to find them all over the Internet. Entire books have been published containing sketches. I have found it difficult to follow a sketch myself, but lately I have been trying to use these to expand my design style.  But to combat the urge of trying to come up with a completely new design with each page, I often have albums which has one layout design throughout.  Often times I will change it up slightly either varying the color scheme or the embellishments slightly, maybe the placement, but there is an obvious theme to the album.  This works really well for travel albums.  I also have other albums, or what I might frequently refer to as “projects”.

CB-27 McDonalds Page 6.jpg

One of my current ones is something my grand-daughter wanted to do.  She wanted her and I to visit every McDonald’s in our metro area.  So we have been planning these short little romps and keeping track of them through a scrapbook page.  In this instance, only the photos and the story change, embellishments, colors and layout design all remain constant.  When doing a project like this, you can pre-cut all your pieces since you have already determined what the design will be.  Then it is simple to put the photos and stories together and have a finished layout in just a few minutes.   My grand-daughter has already expressed in interest in keeping this memory of our McDonald’s adventure documented, so I know that even though she may go through a phase where she has no interest in it (like when she discovers boys), some day, she will want to look back and remember grandma telling her to stand here and put your fingers to indicate which McDonald’s are we on, and the stories that went with our travels that day.  I am KEEPING THOSE MEMORIES, for her, for when I am gone and she will want to remember those silly times at McDonald’s.

I have other projects that have formulas

Post Office Project – I take photos of Post Office I come upon in my travels.


County Courthouse Project – My dream is to scrapbook a page from every County Courthouse in America, since I will never be able to visit them all, there are 3,144 of them I am accepting photos taken by others for this project, so if you would like to help me please send me a photo of your County Courthouse and I will give photo credit on the page.


National Register of Historic Places – that I find in my travels.


And finally, my Home Sweet Home project, where I am documenting every place I have lived weather I have a photo of it or not.  I have gotten Google Maps screen shots for those places I do not have photos for (which are many) because once again, it is about KEEPING THOSE MEMORIES, and a representation will do just fine if you don’t have the photo.


I love comments, so please be sure to write me a line.  I always welcome new ideas or questions.  Lets talk scrapping together sometime.



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1 Response to Finding a Formula that Works For YOU!

  1. Nylene Budge says:

    I am enjoying your blog posts, Maribeth. I love the designs that you use in your heritage albums.
    The layouts above are wonderful! You do very classy work.


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