Memorabilia Pages

I scrapbook a lot of travel pages.  I love keeping the maps, brochures and other informational literature regarding the places we visit.  I have boxes of these items.  I have long struggled with a way to incorporate these items into my scrapbooks.  I have made several 12 x 12 pages where I placed some kind of pocket or holder for the item.


However, after making several of these, I really did not want to create this type of page for all of the literature I have.  I really wanted to put them in an 8 1/2 x 11 page protector and insert it with the 12 x 12 layouts or with the pocket pages that hold the additional photos. In some cases I am able to use the  various (Project Life) style pages to hold these when I do have extra photos to include with my layouts, but not always.  I hated the “sloppy” way the literature looked when placed inside the standard page protector.  If the literature was exactly a page size, or could be folded out to equal an exact page size then it was fine, but many items did not meet that criteria.


Ever since the Fuse was introduced, I thought I could do something to make these standard page protectors more pleasing to my eye and enable me to keep these with my various travel pages.  But it took me a long time to make the move to purchase a Fuse and try it out.  I am pleased to report that the Fuse did exactly what I had wanted it to do and I was able to get the results I had imagined.  Basically what I did was turn those standard size page protectors into uniquely sized pockets were I could place the literature where it would be accessible, and then make embellishment pockets to cover the space I did not use for the literature pocket.  Now granted, some of my embellishment pockets are pretty plain, just inserting cardstock or patterned paper.  In some instances I get a little more creative, but the purpose was just to make them look less “sloppy” with the literature just floating around in the page protector.  After all it is all about KEEPING THOSE MEMORIES, and part of those memories for me is the information I obtained on my travels.


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