Catching Up on Calvinball Finale

Well did I get lax in posting after day 23, but life just got really busy.  This is camping season for me so I am constantly unloading and reloading the RV for my weekend camping trips, and frankly it really takes a lot of time.

Additionally, with my Calvinball accomplishments in March, I have decided to spend April organizing my scraproom.  I have had the structure in pace for quite some time but have just never gotten around to getting the items in their homes.  (More about this in tomorrows post)

I ended up in 10 place in Calvinball which is so beyond my expectations for the event.  I completed 112 layouts and 14 BFF/Sister monthly papercraft gifts.  Here are my final pages completed between day 23-29 (as the 30 and 31 I was on vacay!).

CB-112 Jackson CB-111 Cuyahoga CB-110 Clinton CB-109 Highland CB-108 Morrow CB-107 Clermont CB-106 Holmes CB-105 Hocking CB-104 Carroll CB-103 Greene CB-102 Ottowa CB-101 Clark CB-100 Champaign CB-99 Butler CB-98 Licking CB-98 Columbia CB-97 Easter Gifts-1

I really loved the Calvinball experience.  The diverse group of participants was a microcosm of the scrapbooking community.  There were simple scrappers, digital scappers, hybrid scrappers, trendy scrappers, and artistic scrappers.  Because of the competitive nature of the event it was about getting projects completed, in whatever style was uniquely you.  It was motivating, it was exhausting and it was fun.  I really felt that everyone was welcomed no matter your skill level or participation level.  I would love to see more of this type of event, where the focus is productivity, it seems to bring out the best in all levels of scrapbooking.  For those of us who are trying to KEEP THOSE MEMORIES and get pages completed it was motivating by producing volume.  For those who are more into artistic impression, it was motivating by the bonus point structure, they could do less pages but earn more points for each layout by incorporating many elements on one page.

Thank you to Get It Scrapped for hosting this event.  I had a “ball” at Calvinball, see you next year.


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One Response to Catching Up on Calvinball Finale

  1. LisaDV says:

    Congrats on 10th place. You rocked it! I have loved seeing your courthouse and home pages. I would also love to see more of these type of events that concentrate on productivity and not styles or products. It was fun. But more than that it was inspiring!


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