Cavinball Day 23

Well today, no photos, but wanted to share that I did complete (well almost complete) two pages before I left for work yesterday.  The are completed except for the title work which is done using my Pen Tool on my Pazzles machine.  I try to batch those items in order to get an entire page worth of titles so that I can use up an entire 12 x 12 paper, and not have so much “scrap”.  So, I will be working on pages through the remainder of the week, and plan to print those titles and complete those (plus additional) National Register of Historic Places pages, to add to my total for Calvinball.

Another thing I wanted to discuss was that fact that by participating in Calvinball, I have realized that I can accomplish things in smaller chunks of time.  I tend to get into a mindset that if I don’t have “ALL DAY” to scrap then I just won’t even bother.  I have finding that I can actually accomplish some tasks in smaller chunks of time, allowing me to be more productive overall, and especially more productive when I do have that “ALL DAY” to scrap.  As may have already said in this Blog, I work 10 1/2 hour days, 5 days a week.  Unfortunately I am not a night person so trying to work on projects after a full day of work and an hour on the treadmill does not work for me.  I do however get up really early between 2-4 AM, so I usually have a couple of hours before work that I can work on projects.  This seems to be working out really well.  Participating in Calvinball has given me a “deadline” so to speak as each Saturday we post our points.  By having this deadline, or to use a softer word, goal, it has made me keep on task.  I know me, and you probably know you, what works best to keep the creative juices flowing and to stay productive in your scrapbooking.  I am realizing I need to be able to set some sort of deadline/goal for myself, and be accountable to myself so that I can continue to move forward and complete all those scrapbooking project I have rolling around in my brain, so that I can be sure to KEEP THOSE MEMORIES.

Until next time……

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