Calvin Ball – Days 3. 4. 5 and 6

As of last night ( March 6, 2016), I have accumulated 146 points.  Total layout count is 56, and the remaining points come from the bonus points.  Here is my score sheet.

Total Points as of 03/05/16 7:05 PM MST = 146


1. one layout (or half of a 2 page spread), one project life page = one point = 56

2. one mini-album page (covers count as pages), one card, one tag = 1/2 point each

3. projects = 1/2 – 2 points, depending on size/difficulty

4. art journal pages = 1/2 – 1 point depending on size/difficulty

5. decorated daily planner pages (daily, weekly, monthly, tabs, etc) = 1/2 point

6. photobook pages = 1/2 – 1 point (preslotted/self-created) *detailed notes about this on page two

7. non-paper craft projects = 1 point (project must take an hour or longer to create)


Calvinball Publicity Points: (once per week)

1. Blogging – https://keepthosemem…/01/calvinball/ = 1

2. Facebook

3. Instagram

4. Twitter

5. Pinterest


Calvinball Team Building Points:

1. leave comments on 10 Calvinball layouts = 1 point (21 points as of 03/06/16 7:05 PM 210 comments)

2. leave comments on 5 Calvinball blogs = 1 point (1 point as of 03/02/16 5:35 AM 5 comments)

3. early bird – for signing up in January = 1 point


Scrappy Challenge Bonus Points: these will be added as we move along.

1. Your first layout for 2016 in the Calvinball gallery = 1 point. 

2. Using a GIS Sketch or template = 1 point

3. scrap lift a page from the Gallery = 1 point

4. create something inspired by one of the GIS blog articles= 1 point

5. use something on your page that starts with each letter in the word : CALVIN (example: C-circle, A-Alpha etc….)= 1 point

6. layout posted on March 1st = 1 point 10

7. use punches or use more than one punch on your layout = 1 point 7

8. Add hand stitching to a layout (like not with a sewing machine) = 1 point 

9. Scrap with scraps = 1 point 4

10. Making a title page or conclusion page for an album (all my albums are missing these) = 1 1

11. Adding title to spine of album = 1 point

12. Use up a kit = 1 point

13. Try out for a creative team = 1 point

14. Use a tool that you haven’t used in a long time = 1 point

15. Scrap with the color purple = 1 point 2

16. Using 15 different elements on a page = 1 point

17. Use or finish up an entire sticker sheet = 1 point

18. Use something in your stash that is at least two years old = 1 point 16

19. Scrap with something that you bought today = 1 point

20.  Use patterned paper only on your page.= 1 point 6

21. Use three different gold elements.= 1 point

22. Create a monochromatic page.= 1 point 2

23. 3+ photos on a layout = 1 point

24. Use both Pantone colors of the year on one page= 1 point

25. Scrapbooking your favorite song 2

26. Scrapbooking about your job

27. Use your own handwriting – title or journaling 2

28. Use a movie as inspiration for a page

29. Finish up a project (layour or other) = 1 point 3

30. Scrapbook your pet = 1 pt.

31. Make all of the embellishments on your page = 1 point 10

32. Use at least three pieces of ribbon on a page = 1 point

33. Organizing your stash & cleaning = 1 point per day 1

34. Organizing photos = 1 point per day

35. Stamping = 1 point

36. Ordering Photos = 1 point

37. Use a wood or veneer embellishment = 1 point

38. Create something inspired by something you’ve pinned on Pinterest = 1 point

Here are the pages I completed during this four day period.  Most of the pages were completed on Saturday and Sunday, but I did complete 1 on the 3rd and 4 on the 4th.CB-56 Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald CB-55 The Lights of Albuquerque CB-54 Chruch Gran Quivera NM CB-53 Abandoned Van Pattens Mountain Camp NM CB-52 Abandoned House MO CB-51 Abadnonded Barn MO CB-50 Abandoned Boyd Sanitorium NM CB-49 Abandoned House Estancia NM CB-48 Abandoned Apartments Conejos CO CB-47 Courthouse Snohomish County CB-46 Courthouse Arkansas Couty DeWitt CB-45 Courthouse Brown County CB-44 Courthouse Arkansas County Stuttgart CB-43 Courtouse Logan County CB-42 NRHP Kuaua Ruin CB-41 NRHP Drake Hotel CB-40 NRHP Foster Hotel CB-39 NRHP Holy Child Church CB-38 Twiggy Helps with the Move CB-37 A and O Get Glasses CB-36 A and O Christmas Magic CB-35 -A and O A Little Western CB-34 Jerimy Bryan Family Photo 2015 CB-33 Weather Photography Cover Page CB-32 National Margarita Day CB-31 National Culinarians Day CB-30 KW CB-29 The Ribbon Ring CB-28 Happy Adventures CB-27 McDonalds Page 6 CB-26 Abby Olive Halloween 2015 Page 2

I am finding competing in CalvinBall has really added to my productivity.  Primarily because it is makes me accountable to complete my projects and get them uploaded to the gallery.  Having the bonus points is fun.  Except for the two digital song pages above, I did not factor in any of the bonus points, I only counted he bonus points as I was uploading the layouts to the gallery.  It was fun to see that point total grow without even having considered them while making the page.  If I had tried to work the bonus items into my page, it would have slowed my forward progress, and I think it would have actually made a great scrapbooking weekend into a stressful one.  I have my style, very simple, and when I try to hard to be trendy, or try to fit in something (a rule/challenge) then I tend to get stuck, and I end up just staring at the page.  Not good.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot since the start of CalvinBall on March 1.  I feel like I am meeting my goal of getting projects well on their way to completion, and closer to the ultimate goal of Keeping Those Memories.

Happy scrapping!




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2 Responses to Calvin Ball – Days 3. 4. 5 and 6

  1. Nylene Budge says:

    Maribeth, you have accomplished more layouts this month than I do all year! You have done a wonderful job on getting your albums completed. It has been fun to follow along with your progress. I love your comment on forward progress. I often have the same problem when trying to fit a mold in my scrapping. Great work!


  2. martha says:

    Way to go! I agree that it has been good accountability to get projects done. You have got to be the leader, lol. Keep it up!


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