Calvin Ball – Day 2

Up again early this morning, 2:20 or there about.  I completed 9 County Courthouse pages and 6 National Register of Historic Places pages.  This CalvinBall event is working wonders to keep me motivated to complete pages.

All us scrappers start of with great intentions to Keep Those Memories and get them scrapped and placed in albums, but so many factors come into play to prevent us from accomplishing this goal, such as busy lives, unorganized craft spaces, fear of failure, fear of success, focus on products rather than stories…..the list could go on.  CalvinBall, with it’s main emphasis on getting pages completed allows the scrapper to focus more on the completion of the project rather than all of the other things surrounding us everyday.

I hope you are all enjoying this event as much as I am, and Frankly I wish there was an event every month.  Not that everyone would participate in every event every month, but it would allow those who can not participate in a particular month be able to catch it the following month.  The events don’t all have to be the same, we had LOAD in February and now CalvinBall in March.  We need another layout goal driven event for each month so we can keep our scrappy volume up.

Here are the pages I completed this morning.

CB-25 NRHP Titan Missle CB-24 NRHP Fort Bowie CB-23 NRHP Cresent Hotel CB-22 NRHP Percha Creek Bridge CB-21 NRHP Rancho Bonito CB-20 NRHP Faraway Ranch CB-19 Newton Couty Courthouse CB-18 Randolph County Courthouse CB-17 Phillips County Courthouse CB-16 Prairie County Courthouse CB-15 Clay County Courthouse CB-14 Columbia County Courthouse CB-13 St Francis County Courthouse CB-12 Chicot County Courthouse CB-11 Howard County Courthouse


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3 Responses to Calvin Ball – Day 2

  1. Dianne says:

    You’ve gotten a huge amount of work completed……congratulations for getting so much done!


  2. ksimonererts says:

    Look at you! Awesome job and I know you feel so good getting some scrapping done.


  3. tinacampbell says:

    Wow AWESOME! Looks like your getting lots done too 🙂 I like the theme approach you are doing too 🙂


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