CalvinBall – Day 1

It is March 1, time for CalvinBall hosted by Get It Scrapped.  I love the name of that sight, because that is what my blog is all about Keeping Those Memories and Getting Them Scrapped.

This event is all about volume.  The game itself is somewhat confusing, but when you break it all down, it really is about getting projects done!

So I woke up at 1:45 AM MST and decided it was time to get scrapping.  I completed 10 pages this morning.  I feel really good about my progress.  I am focusing on the series/projects that I need to bring up to current status.  I completed 2 County Courthouse pages and 8 Home Sweet Home pages.

CB-10 Home Sweet Home Fountain Valley CB-9 Home Sweet Home DelAmo Apts CB-8 Home Sweet Home 10th Street CB-7 Home Sweet Home, Contenental Gardens CB-6 Home Sweet Home Moterossa CB-5 Home Sweet Home Van Buren Motel CB-4 Home Sweet Home Bethany Home CB-3 Home Sweet Home Schilling CB-2 Dallas County Courthouse CB-1 Miami County Courthouse

My Home Sweet Home project is a place where I want to document every place I have ever lived.  Since I don’t have photos of most of those places I have used Google Maps Street View in order to capture an image.  I have been able to find some photos (especially of apartments) on the internet which I have also used.  But this project is about the stories of each of the places I have lived.  I am worried though, I though I bought enough of the background paper, but it looks like I may run out and it is discontinued.  So if any of you readers out there have any Bazzill Basics French Garden Lemon Drop, contact me, I will gladly purchase it from you.

My love of County Courthouses started as long ago as I can remember.  My dream was to visit every County Courthouse in America and photograph it.  (I didn’t scrapbook way back then).  But I realize now that extensive travel of that nature is not a reality for me at this stage of my life.  But I really didn’t want my entire dream to die, so I decided that I would reach out through social media and ask for others to take photos of County Courthouses in their area, and allow me to use their photos to make a scrapbook page.  I have been so lucky to receive permission from Mark Bozanich for his Washington State Courthouses, the website Arkansas Ties, for Arkansas Courthouses, and Summit Street, for Ohio Courthouses.  There have been individuals who have also provided me photos for my project, and I always provide photo credit on the page.  I would be so grateful to any reader who would care to provide me with a photo of a County Courthouse, please leave a comment if you have one and I can contact you with my email address.

So, join CalvinBall today to scrap the month of March away.  A great way to document and Keep Those Memories.


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7 Responses to CalvinBall – Day 1

  1. DianneM says:

    What a great series of layouts! And sheer genius to use Google to get your photos of all the places you’ve lived….!


  2. Catherine says:

    Great way to document memories of the different places you lived. I should do this.


  3. ksimonererts says:

    Wow Maribeth! Your home series was a good idea. You were so brave to write and describe your raw and honest experiences too. I never thought about documenting my various homes but now I am thinking about it. 🙂


  4. Nylene Budge says:

    What a great idea to document all the places you have lived. I love your Courthouse project. I still have one more photo to take and send to you. Great job on LOTS of pages!


  5. This is such a great project, I love the flow of the pages you’ve completed.


  6. tinacampbell says:

    Have fun with Calvinball! Looks like you got a good start already 🙂


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