February Scrapbook Challenges- Sketch Crew Ashley

Wow, two blog posts in one day.  I know that is not the proper way to operate a blog, but I have such limited “scrafting” time that when I have the opportunity to get something accomplished I have to  take advantage of it.  In a perfect world I would be able to plan my posts so that you (my readers) could count on a posting cycle, but alas, I won’t be able to offer that level of regularity.  I still hope you will check out my blog and “scraft” along with me.

So my second post today is a challenge entry.  I just began doing challenges in December.  I am finding that I am enjoying participating in them very much.  I am generally not one to step out of my comfort zone, but I am finding with most of the challenges (and obviously the ones in which I choose to participate) I can keep to my general level of comfort, and create the page in what I feel is “my style”, but include the elements of the challenge.  Many of the challenges I am drawn to are sketch challenges and those are so forgiving in that you can follow the sketch with pretty much any level of supply sophistication.  If you have paper, and a photo, you can play along with almost any sketch challenge it would seem.

One of the large scrapbooking projects I am working on right now is a spin on Project 365. Instead of taking a photo a day, I am doing an ongoing project that incorporates things like On This Day In History, Celebrity birthdays/deaths, those wacky National Day of (ie Popcorn Day, Wear a Red Hat Day, etc….)  Because of my busy schedule I am often unable to participate on the very day that the celebration is to occur.  When I can, I do try participate on the day, but when it is something that I do often, or a love of mine (like National Popcorn Day), and I am unable to celebrate it on the day, I will make a page about it the next time I participate in the event (like the next time I make popcorn) and put it in the album where it would have been (date wise). Many of the National Days are food related, and due to a Healthy Eating Plan my husband and I have adopted we can not always prepare the food on the day we are suppose to celebrate it.  I have given myself some leeway on this project, because that is what it is about!  Don’t stress, have fun with your project, the important thing is to KEEP THOSE MEMORIES.

For my challenge entry, and a layout that will be included in my Project 365 spin (hey if any of you have a great name for this project leave a comment below, I sure would like a catchy name for this project), I wanted to put this for Janaury 1.  I know many people have the tradition of eating Black-Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day, but I had never done that.  So I asked my husband, the gourmet cook of the family, if he could prepare this dish for our New Year’s Day meal.  The recipe (which will also be included in the album as an 8.5 x 11 insert) is from the Mayo Clinic, and fit right in with our Health Eating Plan.  The Challenge details can be found at Scrapbook Challenges, I hope you will all play along, I would love to see your work so be sure to link your entries in with your comment to this blog so I can be sure to check them out.


Thank you as always for stopping by.  I love to hear from so please leave me a comment.

Happy Scrapping!


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1 Response to February Scrapbook Challenges- Sketch Crew Ashley

  1. LisaDV says:

    We actually do this new years tradition. My family growing up always had hoppin’ John and spinach on New Years Day. I kept the tradition, but upon marriage, my husband took over making this and melded the 2 and added other ingredients to make a very tasty dish that we enjoy a few times a year. I actually scrapbooked the story and his recipe as well.


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