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I have been scrapbooking since about 1997.  I think I began at about the apex of the scapbooking heyday when there were lots of local scrapbooking stores, the shelves where packed at places like Joann’s, Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby.  But just before the products started getting really sophisticated.  As I write today, I believe the products are wonderful and great, sophisticated however beyond what many people can use due to skill level, financial ability, or time constraints and I honestly think this is what has led to the downfall of the industry.  I don’t think it is because people “now-a-days” don’t want to preserve memories, it is because the industry has made it much too difficult for them to begin and maintain this hobby in its current marketed form.

What was once fun, buying stickers for a Halloween page, initiating a “sticker sneeze” and telling a great story of how the photo subject decided on the costume and the things that happened on All Hallow’s Eve, have taken a backseat to trying to create this masterpiece work of art using gesso, paints and ink, layers of itty bitty pieces of paper, creating a visual triangle.  A 15-30 minute page has now turned into a work of art.  That is wonderful for those who have the time and ability to create these masterpieces, but we have to stop making those of us who do not have the time nor the talent ashamed of our work.  I would love to see some of the designers post on their blog a simple sticker sneeze page, or a page with matted photos and a story and nothing more.  If the goal is the memory it just does not matter what the page looks like, it really doesn’t.  Nothing brought this fact home better than Christmas 2014 when my son of 33 sat and looked at some my scrapbooks. Oh he had seen them before, but this was the very first time he actually “SAW” them. He has reached the age that the stories of his grandmother (no longer with us) his Aunt, (who help me raise him), touched him and he was honored to know he would become the future keeper of these memories upon my death. And I even found out through my daughter-in-law that he made a really big deal of them after they arrived home from visiting our house. I am by no means a designer, my pages have lots of sticker sneezes, lots of pages with matted photos and not much else.  I don’t think he gives a crap (scuse’ the language) where the butterfly is placed on the page or if there is a visual triangle (and I can tell you there weren’t any), he focused on the photo, the story (which was not written on the page, something I must now go back and correct – journaling has not been my strong point as I got so caught up in making a pretty page), and the fact that I put my heart and soul into keeping the memories of our family.  This is what it is about people!  THIS!  THE MEMORIES.

Remember where it started, Creative Memories, and how happy those first scrappers where with their blank white pages and their handwritten journaling all over the page, the stickers they started putting out to add a bit to the page. I was not initially introduced to the hobby of scrapbooking through Creative Memories like many people were, I began using other products. I have followed forums where through the years Creative Memories consultants have been the target of anger because Creative Memories consultants required the use of those products exclusively at their crops and function. I am here to tell you, I use ANYBODY’s product, because I use what I want to use, but let me defend Creative Memories consultants for a moment. They are operating a business. Just like any other business, they are not going to allow you to bring other peoples products to their establishment. I use to go to a Local Scrapbook Store, and attend classes. If the instructors project did not include 100% product that was sold in that store she could not teach the project, and would be required to alter it so that every item could be purchased at the store. Frankly I was there to learn the technique, not to learn to reproduce the exact project, but I understood why the store owner made this requirement. She didn’t make money off the class, she made money from the sale of the items used in the class when the attendees learned the project and wanted to make more. My point however is not about marketing, it is to stress that getting back to basics the Creative Memories philosophy of scrapbooking is not a bad idea. With all the stylized layouts, aren’t the current industry leaders saying (or at least implying) the same things Creative Memories consultants are currently ridiculed for by instructing us where to put things, using the color wheel, mixed media products, and all the complex page compositions and process videos published online.  Many of these things are way over some of our heads.  This prevents those of us who want to begin memory keeping from even getting started, it is to overwhelming to begin.  It no longer takes a couple pieces of card stock, a few stickers (or embellishments) and a story, to construct a memory page, IT TAKES AN ART STUDIO!!!!, and it shouldn’t. In this hobby of Memory Keeping/Scrapbooking, there IS room for both. Let’s accept all pages, all products, all people, lets unify this community not divide it.

So this is my new blog, dedicated to helping people create works of art, getting stories recorded, and get the photos displayed in ANY FASHION so everyone will feel good about what they have accomplished.

I hope you will continue to join me, I would love to read your comments, and maybe make some scrapping relationships with you all along the way.

Free Givaway

Product image for So Fancy Collection Kit

For a free Simple Stories So Fancy collection…….

If you are brand new to scrapping go grab a photo a piece of any paper or card stock you have in the house, tell a story, and your first page is complete.   Link it up here by February 28th at 11:55 pm to win a great bunch of goodies.  In the comment section reference your link and tell a little bit about how you felt making the page and how you feel about the page.

If you are a seasoned scrapper, your challenge is to link up your first scrapbook page and in in the comment section tell us what you remember about how you felt while making the page, and how you feel about the page now, and what memories this page brings back to you.  You have the same deadline February 28th at 11:55.

The winner will be chosen by random.

Here is my first page. Sadly no one in my husbands family know who the people in are in this photo, and as you can see the mounted photo has been damaged. Such a good example of why we need to get our photos into albums and document, at the very least names and dates. Don’t let someone in your future go through your photos after you are gone, and wonder “Who are these people? Why are these people in a photo box of my ________?”


I would love to get this MEMORY minded community going, so your participation is greatly appreciated.


Next Post – Documenting a child’s sporting season.  EASY PEASY

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14 Responses to The Blog Beginning

  1. ksimoner says:

    what an excellent challenge maribeth and glad to see you blogging.


  2. MargieH says:

    Hmm…will have to find that first pages. I started around 1997 and remember those LSSs and the endless flow of scrapbooking supplies! LOL! Great post – welcome to the world of blogging!


  3. Nylene Budge says:

    Great job, Maribeth! What a wonderful first post. I totally agree with your feelings about the trend scrapbooking has taken. I think many of the more artsy, almost overdone pages we see are made for design teams or design team applications and more use of the product makes for better chances. I think fewer and fewer of the “simple scrappers” post their layouts because they feel that they can’t compare to the very artistic layouts they see posted. I would love to see more “simple scrapper” as you described show their work. Thanks for the great info on your blog. I am so happy your son is excited about your work!


    • Maribeth says:

      Thank you Nylene, hope to see you post your first page.


    • Catherine says:

      Nylene, I’ve always enjoyed your work, and you are one of the nicest people on the planet. I’d love to scrap with you again (Irish Eyes here). I think the demise of Simple Scrapbooking was a huge loss to the industry as a whole. I like clean lines on my pages and sometimes feel that I’m not out there enough or my pages aren’t good enough because of what is shown. I like the artistic pages – don’t get me wrong. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way of scrapping as long as the stories are getting told, but I wish the manufacturers would see that there is place for all of us at every level, and if they don’t bring on beginners, the craft will shrink, which means less offerings in the marketplace for all of us.


  4. karagolby2014 says:

    Hey Maribeth, this post sounds just like the topic the Scrap Gals discussed last week and this week on their podcast. Have you listened to them before? I think you could relate to a lot of what they discussed.


  5. Catherine says:

    I like your new blog. I don’t have my first page. Back in 1997, my little sister started scrapping, and she made us create a page of our family for a book for my mother, so my mom has that first effort. I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t hooked. . . yet. But, after seeing what my sister was making and how she was documenting her children’s lives, I got hooked and have been scrapping since. My kids and grandkids love to look through their books, and they remember things because they are in my scrapbooks.

    I agree with your story – that companies make scrapping seem so hard. They often make it about the product instead of the pictures and the stories. I look forward to seeing more of your blog.

    Here is a link to my latest scrap page since I no longer have my first.


    • Maribeth says:

      Thank you Catherine, your page is lovely. You are my first entry (and only one thus far). I hope you will continue to visit the blog, and I will be visiting you at your blog as well.


  6. LisaDV says:

    Great blog and terrific post. But I’m going to play a little bit of a devil’s advocate here. I agree the industry does make it feel more about the products and pretty pics, but that’s what sells their product which in turn keeps them in business. You can also see many design team members for various kit clubs or want to be DT members doing the same thing. I think the bigger problem is self inflicted by many of us. I have “met” more super sweet and supportive people in this hobby than people trying to make others ashamed of their work. I know I felt inferior to the online community (especially 2peas people) for many years, but again, that was all put on myself by myself. I finally realized that my pages make me happy and that’s what counts. Maybe your blog will encourage more sharing.
    — I’ll have to dig out my first album. and link up.


    • Maribeth says:

      Your comment is well taken. I absolutely believe that the manufacturers have to produce product to sell, and I do feel everyone has a right to be as creative and “artsy” as they wish on their pages, and you are right we do inflict our own feelings of inferiority, my goal here is just to let people know it is okay to make a sweet simple page and be proud that they are Keeping Those Memories. I do hope you will post your page (right now you would win the prize – LOL).


  7. Beth says:

    I agree with LisaDV about the self-inflicted inferiority complex. I started to experience that when I began to follow the trends and became an active member on TwoPeas. My pages felt boring and plain.
    Then, I went to a huge crop with over 300 ladies and guess what? 95% of them were scrapping very simply. Multiple photos on solid cardstock with an occasional sticker! Made me feel at home. Those are the real scrappers.
    Best of luck with your blog!


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